“1682” P O S T E R S …

An outstanding number of posters have been submitted and received by the exhibition office to be presented in both main (Asma-ul-Hosna) and lateral (The religious posters) sections from the countries: China, Turkey, Australia, Egypt, Switzerland, France, UAE, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, USA, Jordan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Morocco, Germany, Taiwan, Oman, Mexico, Kuwait, Brazil and Iran.
About 732 designers have been participated and 1682 artworks sent to the exhibition office .The very first poster was by “Reyhane Amiri” from Iran and the first foreign one is by ” Meng Dai” from China’s “Hubei institute of fine arts”.
The opening and award ceremony will be held in the Iran’s Artists’ House .
To be mentioned that apart from the awards, there is another cash prize togethere with a special mention which an internet prize will be awarded and considered as the best poster which is selected by the audience .You will get informed of the details of participation and the juries’ pre-selection result in the coming days.

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