Alireza Hesaraki

Nationality: Iran
Awards: - First prize for the poster of International discussion of the Mahdism 2008 - Second prize of the International Typography Poster Themed "Asma ul Husna" Tehran.2008 - First prize of the Image of the Year Tassvir Film Festival 2010 - Honourable Mention in Youth Art Festival (Visual Art section) Tehran 2010 - First prize in International Art Festival Of Resistance 2011
Exhibitions & solo exhibition: - 5th Generation of Graphic Designers of Iran,Tehran - Poster Themed "Asma ul Husna" (Iran,Tehran) - international Poster Biennial Of Islamic World (Iran,Tehran) - Three generations of Muharram Poster (Iran,Tehran) - International Annual of The Poster "GOOD 50x70"(Milan,Italy) - international Conference Of The Mahdism Doctrine (Iran,Tehran) - Image Of The Year tassvir Film Festival (Iran,Tehran) - Biennial Exhibition Of Student Poster Novi sad (Serbian) - Annual poster Exhibition Of Ashura (Iran,Tehran) - National Festival of Iranian Youth (Iran,Tehran) - international poster Exhibition yaku (Lima,peru) - Visual Art Festival / Youth Art section (Iran,Tehran) - Invitational Posters Festival (Poland, Lodz) - International Art Festival Of Resistance (Iran,Tehran) - fadjr international festival of visual arts (Iran,Tehran) - "4th block" vii international triennial of eco-poster - Poster Festival on Imam Khomeini entitled DEL DIDEH (Iran,Tehran) - Moscow Global Biennial of Graphic Design Golden Bee (Moscow) - Poster exhibition of Iranian graphic designers new generation "-30" (Iran,Tehran)