Ali Mirfattah

About: Mirfattah is an Iranian Graphic designer, journalist, critic, author, and editor who specializes on topics related to philosophy of art and graphic design. He is author of many works on the illustration, "Art of Revolution", typography, and many subjects related to graphic design and Painting. He has published more than one hundred titles and written articles for some Iranian remarkable magazines.
Nationality: Iran
Publication: Editor of critical part of "Honar-e-Moasser" Was Published at 1992-2000. The main editor of "Honarhaye Tajassomi" Mag., "Soreh" Mag., "Mehr" weekly, "Abrar" weekly, "Tazeh" Mag., Cafe "Shargh" weekly, "Roozgar" Daily, "Negah-e-Panjshanbeh" weekly, etc. Daily columnist in "Shargh" newspaper and "Etemad' newspaper two of Iran's reformist daily newspapers. The art director and graphic designer of "Eco of Islam" Mag., "Le massage de L'islam" Mag. "Soreh" Mag., etc The juror of some art competitions,