Rene Wanner

About: I grew up in Zuerich and studied in Switzerland, Canada, the United States and Germany, finishing with a PhD in experimental physics. During my professional life I have worked in pure and applied science, the army, in marketing research, crop protection, strategic business planning, database management and other projects too numerous to mention, none of them having anything to do with posters or graphic design. Although I covered the walls of my room with posters in my early youth already (to the despair of my dear mother), I only began to collect them - as a hobby - in large numbers in 1977 during a business trip, like one of my idols Fred Schneckenburger. The story of my life as poster collector is the subject of my first web poster exhibition, which also shows the type of works that I collect. I consider Rene Wanner's Poster Page a very personal form of expression, and therefore many private details are distributed throughout the pages, for example in a web exhibition that describes a typical collecting trip to Poland, my relation with Jan Mlodozeniec and Franciszek Starowieyski, a meeting with the Faldin family in St. Petersburg, or Aleksander Chantsev, Iurii Bokser and Igor Maistrovskii in Moscow. Occasionally, the police tries to participate in my poster trips. Since September 1997, I am in so-called early retirement (not quite voluntary), and spend my time on Rene Wanner's Poster Page and various other poster activities, but I am neither a poster dealer, graphic designer, art historian nor journalist and run this page for fun, and at my own expense, so far. I had the honor to be a jury member in international poster competitions in Kharkov (UA), Moscow (RU), Tehran (IR), Hangzhou (CN), Paris (FR) and Skopje (MK), and in many online competitions. In addition to collecting posters, I also collect information on posters and their designers for a Poster Bibliography, an activity that brought me in contact with many poster centers and libraries and specialists and designers throughout the world. I live in a small town close to Basel, Switzerland, and my hobbies include the internet, computers, photography, travel, books and posters, as you may have guessed.
Nationality: Switzerland