Rasoul Sadrameli

About: Rasoul Sadrameli was born in December 1954 in Isfahan, Iran. The Managing Director of MILAD FILM (established in 1979, the first company in distribution and production of Iranian films after revolution) began his journalism career while he was just 17, and he collaborated with Etela'at Newspaper as reporter, storywriter and editor of Incident page and then as the Editor of Parliamentary Service. He began his professional activities in the Cinema by production of a film entitled BLOOD RAINING in 1981. This film is the first cinematic project after revolution. He directed his debut feature film SALVATION in 1983. His other films are: CHRYSANTHEMUMS (1985) which is the first melodrama in pre-revolution of Iran very well received by the audience. It is also winner of five Golden Awards from 3rd Fajr International Film Festival, and the first prize from Poyang Yang Film Festival. PAIZAN (1988) VICTIM (1991) TEHRAN SYMPHONY (1993) MEMORIES OF A REPORTER (documentary) Apart from directing, he has written many screenplays including I WANT TO LIVE, based on a true story. He has produced the titles below: THE HIGH SCHOOL WAY AND NO WAY IN A PREFECT COOLNESS GOOD DAYS OF LIFE THE FOREIGN DOLL THE STRONG CARD NIGHT RAID LOCK MEANS KEY (TV) A CUP OF HOT TEA (TV) SIDEWALKS OF VARAJDIN
Nationality: iran