Bijan Sayfouri

Born in 1968, in Kurdistan, Iran. Bijan Sayfouri was graduated from Fine Arts University of Tehran and at the same time , he began his professional artistic career  as graphic designer and visual artist in his own studio. Since 2001, Sayfouri has participated in various domestic and international forums, workshops and artistic events. As a university professor , he has taught visual communication and typography at different universities in Tehran. He has also held several domestic and international exhibitions since 1993. Since 2010, he is a member of editorial board for Italian Graphic Designers’ Society Publication. Bijan Sayfouri and his artworks have been introduced and presented all around the world as  Iran, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Ukraine, China, Italy, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Japan, Peru, Qatar, Slovakia, Taiwan, USA, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, and Canada.
Seyfouri’s researches on the updated knowledge of digital technology on the Iranian and eastern concepts of traditional civilizations and mysticism  have made his style of artworks much more outstanding and touching .

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