Mohammad Khazaei

He was born in 1962; He has a PhD in Graphic  Design (Islamic Art and Design) from Birmingham University, UK, 1997. Dr. Khazaei is associate professor and as a member of the academic board of Tarbiat Modares University of Tehran since 1998. He also is the editor-in-chief of the specialized monthly journal of “Book of the Month in Art” since in 2005. Top designer of the Graphic Designers in Tehran Biennial, 1988. Dr. Khazaei is also a winner of a scholarship (Pares) from the Third Graphic Biennial, 1991. Other achievements of Dr. Khazaei are the following: Commendation letter from the 2nd International Islamic Poster Biennial, 2006 and the 9th Contemporary Iranian Graphic Biennial for sign and logo designs, 2007. Khazaei has published many books among them are: The Elixir of Design, 1988. A Thousand Designs, 1992 (2nd edition in 2002); Early Islamic Persian Art (in English), London 1999; The Arts of Islam, A Collection of Essays, 2003. He has submitted many papers in international conferences such as the International Islamic Art Conference in HOFSTRA, New York, 1996; and also the Seminar on The Art Majors in the universities of UK, 1996-97; also he has participated in over 25 lectures in national and international conferences. The publication of two ISI articles, over 12 scientific-research essays, and also 42 articles in scientific-promotional periodicals can be seen in Dr. Khazaie’s resume. Khazaei also participated in many art events as the leading judge and many other cultural and artistic events.
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