Selections of Cultural Posters 2011

Today Posters Website held the 7th Annual International Typography Poster as Asma Ul Husna and the selected artworks in two international sections as:
A. Main section (Asma Ul Hosna  posters)
B. Cultural Posters (Typograhy posters with cultural theme)

An outstanding number of posters have been submitted and received by the exhibition office to be presented in both main (Asma-ul-Hosna) and lateral (The cultural posters) sections from the countries: China, Turkey, Egypt, Switzerland, UAE, Bangladesh, Mexico, Indonesia, Latvia, Germany, Sri Lanka, Italy, Greece, Slovakia, bangladesh, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Portugal, United Kingdom, New Zealand, USA, Korea, Croatia and Iran. About 621 designers have been participated and 1260 artworks sent to the exhibition office. The accepted poster designers are 127 artists from Iran, China, U.A.E , Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Bangladesh, Romania, Mexico, Poland , Turkey , Korea,  Croatia, New Zealand , Sri Lanka, Portugal and México.

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